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Three-quarters of us are unhappy with our broadband

Three-quarters of Britons are unhappy with their broadband, according to new figures.

Three-quarters of Britons are unhappy with their broadband, according to new figures. From poor customer service to arthritic speeds, it seems connecting to the Internet leaves the majority of us tearing out our hair.

Discount site and big survey fans MyVoucherCodes asked 1,647 people aged 18 and over if they were happy with their broadband speed. Seventy-six per cent said no.

Fifty-nine per cent were miffed because their service was simply too slow, while 39 per cent said they were generally unhappy about the company that provides their broadband. Most of the latter were complaining about poor customer service -- if they could get through at all.

Leeds suffers the worst service, according to the survey. Aberdeen, Newcastle, Plymouth and Glasgow are also stuffed full of unhappy broadband users. Here's Ofcom's map of broadband speeds showing the country's hotspots -- and notspots.

Of the remaining folks who were actually happy with their service, more than half reckoned it could be improved.

We reckon Internet service providers should sit up and take notice of these kinds of figures. Earlier today, Ofcom pledged to make it easier to switch your broadband, to make it easier to take your custom elsewhere if you're unhappy with the service.

It's hard to say whether this is an accurate picture of how happy we are with our Internet providers, but from our experience, it sounds more than plausible. Broadband is one of those services that's so variable it can cause a huge amount of frustration -- speeds can drop by a third in the evening, for example.

How happy are you with your Internet service provider? Tell us who you're with and if you're satisfied in the comments or on our Facebook page.