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Three new Fujifilm superzooms

Fujfilm has introduced three new superzooms; the FinePix S100FS, FinePix S81000fd, and FinePix S1000fd.

Fuji's new 11MP S100FS sports a 14.3X optical zoom lens and film simulation modes.
Fuji's new 11MP S100FS sports a 14.3X optical zoom lens and film simulation modes. Fujifilm

Catering to people who want SLR-style bodies and a wide range of features, but don't want to deal with interchangeable lenses, Fujifilm has announced three new superzoom models in its S-series line of cameras. The flagship is the 11-megapixel FinePix S100FS, which sports a 14.3x optical, 28-400mm f/2.8-5.3 Fujinon zoom lens, sensitivity up to ISO 3,200 at full resolution (or ISO 6,400 at 6MP, or ISO 10,000 at 3MP), and a tilting 2.5-inch 230,000-dot LCD screen.

As you'd expect in a camera of this level, the S100FS includes a full set of manual exposure controls, RAW image recording, and a wide range of available shutter speeds-- ranging from 30 seconds to 1/4000 second. Borrowing from the company's S5pro SLR, the S100FS includes Film Simulation (hence the FS in the model name) modes and extended dynamic range modes. The Film Simulation modes try to mimic the qualities of Fuji's vibrant Velvia film, general use Provia, or low-contrast films. The extended dynamic range mode makes use of the camera's Super CCD sensor to offer a wider dynamic range than a normal sensor would. The S100FS also includes Fuji's Face Detection 2.0, which can find faces even if they are in profile and powers the camera's automatic red eye removal system. The camera also has a variety of bracketing modes, including dynamic range and film simulation bracketing, and can capture video clips in VGA pixel-resolution at 30 frames per second. Fuji expects the FinePix S100FS to be available in February for about $800.

Replacing the S8000fd is the 10-megapixel FinePix S8100fd. Aside from the increase from 8 to 10 megapixels, there aren't many differences. Like its predecessor the S8100fd includes an 18X optical, 27-486mm f/2.8-4.5 Fujinon zoom lens, 2.5-inch 230,000- dot LCD screen, and sensitivity up to ISO 1,600 at full resolution. If you don't mind lowering resolution to 5MP, you can extend that up to ISO 6,400. Dual Image Stabilization, a combination of sensor-shift and ISO-boosting Picture Stabilization, helps combat blurry images due to camera shake or subject movement. The S8100fd includes Fuji's original Face Detection with automatic red eye removal, full manual exposure controls, 13 preset scene modes, and can record video at up to VGA pixel-resolution and 30fps. Fuji plans to ship the S8100fd this March for about $400.

Following in the footsteps of the FinePix S700 comes the FinePix S1000fd. This new model ups the pixel count from 7Mp to 10MP and extends the zoom to a 12X optical, 33-396mm f/2.8-5.0 Fujinon zoom lens. Given that long zoom lens, it seems a shame that Fuji only offers ISO boosting Picture Stabilization instead of the sensor-shift or optical image stabilization. The S1000fd also includes a 2.7-inch 230,000-dot LCD, sensitivity up to ISO 1,600 at full resolution or ISO 3,200 at a reduced resolution of 5MP. Control freaks will appreciate the full set of manual exposure controls, while 14 preset scene modes let the camera take over if you don't want to make the decisions yourself. Fuji expects the S1000fd to be available this April for about $250.