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Three new Acer monitors arrive

Some pics of three new Acer monitors that recently arrived at CNET.

The time for doubt is over. We now know who controls LED technology. Eric Franklin/CNET

With every plain, black, new monitor that comes through here, I think I die a little inside. The constant lack of variety can slowly kill a man, even one with such a usually cheerfully disposition as me. Bottom line: more vendors need to take a crash course in product variety, if such a class exists.

Every once in a while, though, a vendor attempts something fairly new, design-wise, that, though not always practical, shows some unique craftsmanship at the very least.

I recently received three new Acer monitors. Two of the three follow many of the same design formulas as most monitors: a plain black chassis with a centered foot stand. The other, however, attempts to spice things up a bit.

Click on the pics below to see which of these monitors (the Acer T230H, D240H, or S243HL) is not like the other.