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Three music video search tools

Find music videos for free with these search tools.

With this morning's news of launching a video service, we thought it would be worth mentioning a few resources that are out there for finding free music videos.

MusicTonic is a very slick search tool that mashes up various pieces of artist information like photos, album art, news stories, and a video playlist. It ties into a few online services like Flickr, YouTube,, and MyStrands, among others. It's a lot like Foxytunes Planet, which we looked at in January, although there's no integration with any jukebox players.

Middio is a simplified music-video search engine that pulls its results from YouTube videos. You can watch any video without leaving the search results, and it's similar in appearance to Google's video search. Middio's results aren't nearly as precise or complete as you might expect, although the service is getting its videos from content provider channels on YouTube. In other words, you're less likely to find videos of teenagers lip syncing the song you're looking for.

iLike is another music recommendation service. In addition to grabbing 30-second music previews, it will also use Google's Video search to pull up related videos to whatever song you're listening to. While you could achieve similar search results just by using Google, it's an easier way listen and explore.

Related: MogTV, which launched in March [coverage here], uses Mog's recommendation tool to scan your computer's music library and serve up YouTube music videos it thinks you might like.

Have any other services you use, or would recommend? Let us know in the TalkBack.