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Three more deals to make up for this morning's sellout

Get a pocket HD camcorder for $80 out the door (plus tax in some states), a classic PC game for two bucks, or a 4GB clip-on MP3 player for $29.99 shipped.

Usually you're lucky to find the 2GB model at this price, but the 4GB Sansa Clip is now just $29.99.

I know most of you understand that the very best deals -- like this morning's quad-core desktop for $279.99 -- don't originate with me. They circulate all over the Web, and are therefore quite likely to sell out. Critical mass and all that.

Doesn't make it any less frustrating, though. (Accusing me of bait-and-switch tactics doesn't help, by the way. What exactly am I "switching," here?)

Anyway, I don't want to leave your deal-lust unfulfilled, so here are three more mighty sweet bargains to consider:

1) OfficeMax once again has the splendid Kodak Zi6 pocket HD camcorder on sale, this time for $79.99 shipped--$10 less than when I wrote about it just a few weeks ago. Still a sweet deal, still available in red if you prefer. Sales tax may apply.

2) Like games? Valve is offering an oldie but goodie, Psychonauts, for just $2. Read GameSpot's review of this classic platform puzzler, then grab this killer deal before it ends on Jan. 28.

3) I've always had a soft spot for the Sansa Clip, which is like the iPod Shuffle only way, way better. (yeah, them again) has the refurbished 4GB Sansa Clip for $29.99 shipped. It's an awesome MP3 player/FM radio/voice recorder for the gym, track, or wherever you walk/run/hike/bike.

Well, there you go. Hope this makes up for this morning's boo-boo. If not, well, there's the door. (Kidding!)