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Three kicks off ad-blocking trial

The mobile network recruits some of its customers to enjoy an ad-free experience over the next 24 hours.


The mobile network is taking its first step into a brave new ad-free world.


Mobile network Three kicked off its ad-blocking trial on Wednesday by providing the service to a number of customers who have been recruited specifically to take part.

Using ad-blocking specialist Shine, Three will expose some users to ad-free browsing experiences while they are connected to its network over a 24-hour period.

Ad blocking is on the rise as consumers become increasingly aware of the tools available to them. Everyone from phone manufacturers to browser makers to mobile networks like Three are responding by exploring the options for introducing new tools of their own. The activity is not without controversy, though. It forces publishers that otherwise are able to provide content for free to find other sources of revenue.

Not all those involved in Three trial will have ads blocked all the time, and Three will follow up its trial, which should provide a seamless, ad-free experience users if all goes to plan, by collecting feedback from trial participants.