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Three 4G coming to four UK cities this year, 42 cities in 2014

Three's revealed which towns and cities in the UK will be able to access its 4G service next year. Are you covered?

Three's opened up with more detail on its 4G launch, planned for later in the year, with more towns and cities announced for this year and dozens on the roadmap for 2014.

We already knew the numerical network was planning on covering Birmingham, London and Manchester with LTE loveliness before the end of the year, but Reading has been added to that list. The coverage also goes much wider than the centre of these cities, with nearby towns likely to be able to connect too.

Manchester's coverage includes Oldham, while Birmingham also covers Dudley, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton -- possibly the first time in recorded history those proud Midlands municipalities will have been happy to be lumped in with Brum.

Some 42 other cities will be added to the network's 4G roster over the course of 2014. Here's a handy list:

Three's the last of the major networks to hitch its wagon to the 4G horse (perhaps understandably, considering its name), and is miles behind EE in terms of coverage. Its download speeds may be slower than EE too, with only 14Mbps given as a "realistic connection speed" from Three, while EE reckons you can get 24Mbps in its double-speed areas.

But Three's big advantage, for those covered, is its pledge to charge no more for 4G than it does for 3G.

It's also the only 4G network that will offer unlimited data, at least according to the latest deals revealed. Three's all-you-can-eat plan is just £12.90 too, far cheaper than any of the contracts on offer from its rivals.

If you're tempted to sign up to Three, check first that you're already covered for 3G with its handy postcode checker. Also bear in mind that traditionally it does very poorly in customer service surveys -- a higher percentage of its customers have complained to Ofcom than any other UK network for the last two years.

Which 4G network are you plumping for? Or are you waiting for better coverage down your way? Stream your thoughts into the comments below, or head to our lightning-fast Facebook page.