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Three 3G down for some

Three is having problems with its 3G data network this morning.

Three's data network is experiencing problems today. The 3G network says it's working on fixing the problem, which sees some customers unable to access the Internet from their phones.

Update: Three says service is back to normal in London, and everywhere else should be sorted today: "Some of our customers have had problems accessing the internet, we’re restoring those services right now. We’re happy to say internet access across London is back up and running and the whole network should be back to normal this afternoon, if not sooner. We are sorry for any interruption. Our engineers are working hard to make sure our customers can keep on internetting."

"We're having some issues with our data network this morning," said Three's official support Twitter feed this morning. "It's being worked on as a priority, sorry for any inconvenience."

As a 3G-only network, data issues can also affect regular phone signal. Although Three hasn't mentioned signal problems, some customers are complaining about issues with their signal as well as their Internet connection.

It's not clear how widespread the problems are as yet, but there are plenty of people complaining on Facebook about problems stretching back to last night. "My mobile data is down since 11 pm last night", says Zumzum Khan in Roehampton. "UK has introduced 4G, I suggest at least first provide fully functional smooth 3G service."

"Where's my expensive-per-month-all-you-can-eat-data-connection!?" asks Kris Karwowski in Henley. "I've not had it since half 9 last night!" laments Leslie Rogers. "What are you doing, Three!! I've had a Three phone on either pay as you go or contract since you started!! I had the Motorola video calling brick!!!! "

Three is posting updates on Twitter at ThreeUKSupport and ThreeUK, or on Facebook at

Are you having trouble with Three? How's your network usually? Tell me how many bars you have in the comments, or check out our very receptive Facebook page.