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Thoughts on Windows' new name

Thoughts on Windows' new name

Here are some of the early reactions to Longhorn's new name (Windows Vista), heard around the office:

"Maybe they're just really big fans of That '70s Show, and they love Eric's Vista Cruiser."

"I'm just trying to imagine the meeting where this was the winning idea."

Now, about that tagline:

"I can't tell you how much it bothers me that there's both clear and clarity in that tagline. The first part sounds like a deodorant ad."

"Clear, confident, this an allergy medication or an operating system?"

Then again, remember that responses weren't exactly positive when Microsoft tried to explain its whole "Windows XP--it's short for experience" idea, either. But Microsoft, that's the thing about getting a new naming convention for every Windows release since 2000. If you just stick with a theme, there's less to make fun of (granted, if the names were cooler, that might help, but I'm not holding out much hope). At least the kittycat names are consistent.