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Those with Macs, do; those with Dells, watch

Mac people apparently write everything on the web. Why can't we get better video service?

According to Forrester, those with Macs do everything and largely give web surfers things to look at, while Dell users...look at it all. My self-aggrandizing worldview as a Mac user is now confirmed, and I will go back to creating beautiful things. Or, barring that, I'll keep spewing drivel from this blog. :-)

Actually, the thing I find funny in this is that you rarely find a website that includes video that works on a Mac but not a Windows machine, but it's relatively common to find sites that run Windows media that won't play on a Mac (like several soccer sites that I want to smack during big games...). If the Mac shall inherit the earth, why can't our dominant video-online numbers at least get better service with that video?

Maybe Dell users are too busy feeling depressed by the dull gray machines in front of them....