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Those Nigerian spam scams? They actually come from Nigeria

Spam that actually comes from Nigeria. They should trademark it.

Wow. Who knew that Nigerians were actually behind those Nigerian spam attacks (at least some of them)? Nigeria should certify and trademark its spam the way Florida does its orange juice.

The US Department of Justice has actually wrung confessions out of two Nigerian men and one Senegalese man (who maybe thought he was Nigerian).

I love their aliases:

Pleading guilty in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York were Nnamdi Chizuba Anisiobi, whose aliases include Yellowman, Abdul Rahman, Michael Anderson, Edmund Walter, Nancy White, Jiggaman and Namo, age 31, of Nigeria; Anthony Friday Ehis, also known as John J. Smith, Toni N. Amokwu and Mr. T, age 34, of Senegal; and Kesandu Egwuonwu, also known as KeKe, Joey Martin Maxwell, David Mark and Helmut Schkinger, age 35, of Nigeria.

Who says entrepreneurship is dead in Nigeria? If these guys built a website that lets you share slides to rob VCs of a massive valuation they'd be rich. But because they send spam, they get jail.

Ah, the injustice of it all!