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Thor's roommate Daryl survived Thanos' deadly Infinity War snap

The God of Thunder's roomie would really appreciate getting that rent money sometime soon.

So half of the universe survived Thanos' deadly snap in Avengers: Infinity War. As far as we know, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was one of them -- and so, apparently, was his Australian roomie Daryl.

Actor Daley Pearson, who plays Daryl in a serious of funny short films with Hemsworth, posted a Twitter video on Sunday wishing Thor a belated happy birthday. (Hemsworth turned 35 on Saturday.) In the video, he said that while Daryl survived Thanos' massacre, many of his co-workers did not, which means weekend work shifts for poor Daryl.

"Happy Birthday Thor," Pearson's character Daryl wrote. "Sorry it's late, but I'm working weekends since 'The Snap.'"

Daryl's a little irked at the God of Thunder, though, pleading for his roomie to get on Wi-Fi somewhere and transfer him some rent money.