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This Thor hammer toolbox helps with household chores

Thor's mighty Mjolnir doubles as handy place to store a 44-piece ThinkGeek toolset that includes everything from adjustable wrench to an actual hammer.

Thor's hammer makes for the perfect place to store tools. 


Thor's hammer is the best weapon a superhero or god could own. It smashes even the most intimidating foes, but it also absorbs energy and helps its master perform a number of impressive tasks. 

The hammer, named Mjolnir, also always returns to Thor no matter where it may have been misplaced. 

Sadly, Thor's hammer isn't having the best of days when Hela gets ahold of it in "Thor: Ragnarok." (Don't worry, we won't spoil it for you.)

While Thor is the only one who can use Mjolnir, now thanks to ThinkGeek we mere mortals can use it to fix a leaking faucet or hang artwork.

ThinkGeek is selling a perfect replica of Thor's Mjolnir, but instead of being a prop, it also stores a 44-piece toolset inside.

Thor's Mjolnir toolbox includes a basic hammer (duh), pliers, tape measure, level, screwdriver, wrench, ratcheting wrench, sockets and utility knife.

The geeky toolbox retails exclusively on ThinkGeek for $100 (roughly £76, AU$132) and measures 15x9x6 inches (38x22x15 centimeters).

The toolbox doesn't come with a superhero sidekick, but maybe now you won't turn into the Hulk when you have a broken chair leg that needs fixing but you can't find your tools.