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Thor and the Vision make out in new 'Ultron' blooper reel

Superheroes apparently enjoy kissing and acting generally goofy when they're making a blockbuster movie.

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" may have come and gone from theaters, but to drum up interest in the Blu-ray release of the film on October 2, Marvel Entertainment sent out the above tweet on Monday featuring a video with a little over a minute of falls, flubs and yes, a few fondles and a bleeped f-bomb. The video was also posted to the Disney Movies Anywhere YouTube channel last week.

In addition to showing the "Ultron" actors messing up lines, tripping on set and generally acting goofy, there are a few scenes in particular that are sure to raise eyebrows. One features Captain America embracing Tony Stark's face and going in for a kiss, while another shows Thor sweeping the Vision off his feet in a romantic embrace. Who knew those superheroes had such strong feelings going on behind the scenes?

There's also what's quite possibly the strangest line ever spoken in a Marvel film. Thor tells Tony Stark regarding his assistant: "Pepper smells like porridge." Wonder what that was all about? There are even a few CGI bloopers packed in, like the one where Thor's hammer goes whizzing right past his hand.

This isn't the first blooper reel Marvel's released for "Ultron." It put out this one earlier in the month in advance of the movie's digital release.

But that collection of flubs certainly didn't have all the touchy-feely stuff that goes on in the new reel. Seems they were saving the juicy bits for last.

But poor Hulk. He didn't get to smooch with anyone. Maybe next time, big guy. Maybe next time.