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ThisMoment turns life into a social timeline

A new site lets you create a timeline of your social history with beautiful looking wiki-like pages. It's not open yet, but it's worth checking out.

ThisMoment is a new service, still in private beta, that lets users create timelines of their life. Similar to Dipity, which got a big boost in traffic earlier this year for a user's Internet memes page, the goal of ThisMoment is to put together a personal timeline that can be shared with others.

Users can create "moments" which get a timestamp and several Wiki-style placeholders for content like maps, user comments, and a space for other users to add related links. These events can go into a public or private feed, where other users can join to become "in the moment" or copy the entire page over to become the start of a new event.

While moments are the focus of the service, to a certain degree the real star of the show is the timeline. Each user has their own, which also gets fed into the public timeline. You can see each a preview of what each moment is simply by mousing over, and once it reaches a certain horizontal width you get a scroll bar that lets you skip around quickly--even to the future.

I'm not willing to pass judgement on the site until I get access. Currently it's taking beta sign-ups, however you're able to freely explore all public moments as created by its users.

Note: ThisMoment was created in part by a group of former employees. is a property of CBS Interactive, publisher of Webware.

Explore 'moments' with ThisMoment, a social network that lets you organize your life in little time capsules that can be shared and edited by others. CNET Networks