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Wearable Tech

This wristband could save your life

Wrixo is a new wristband designed to store health information for emergency situations.


The Wrixo wristbands are waterproof and available in pink or blue.


There's a new low-tech wristband that has the power to share your medical information when you can't.

Unlike smart wearables with built in CPUs, antennas and displays, Wrixo is a simple waterproof wristband that can use a preprinted QR code or built-in NFC chip to access important patient health information -- including medical history, prescriptions, and allergies -- that you've previously stored in an online cloud.

Users can also upload other relevant information like their blood type, insurance and even past records like X-rays, MRIs or lab reports. According to Wrixo, the technology is HIPPA-compliant, although we still have some questions about privacy and security, which are especially sensitive topics for media information.

The product -- starting at $19 -- uses its QR code to allow doctors to access the information by scanning. Or, the embedded Near Field Communication wireless chip allows emergency responders with NFC-enabled phones to tap the wristband for information. Wrixo's cloud-storage service for medical information and records comes in both free and premium ($6 per month) tiers.

A tag turns the device into a necklace or keychain. For people with service dogs, there's a clip to attach it to the dog's collar or vest.

The wristbands are now available for preorder on the Wrixo website, and Idol Memory has launched an Indiegogo campaign that will give a percentage of the wristband proceeds to Alzheimer's Foundation of America.

Right now, there's no telling how effectively these wristbands will perform under high-intensity emergency situations, but the company is confident the device will do its job successfully.

"It could truly be the difference between life and death," said George Shih, founder of Wrixo, in a press release. "It is crucial that emergency and medical personnel have immediate access to patient records and information so they can administer the proper treatment in a matter of seconds."