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Wireless & Bluetooth Speakers

This wireless water-resistant speaker is just $11

Take your tunes into the shower or anyplace else splashy.


This VicTsing speaker can stay or go; it comes with a suction cup and caribiner, and it's waterproof.


This deal is repeat of one from last summer, but with two important improvements: a lower price and more choice.

Do you like music? And showers? Most speakers shouldn't go anywhere near water, but this one can: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the VicTsing 5W wireless water-resistant speaker is $10.99 with promo code QXIMDDX5. Last time I wrote about this, it was $12.49. And that code works with both the teal blue and army green color schemes, not just the latter.

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The speaker's IPX5 rating qualifies it as water resistant. That means it can survive splashes, like in a shower, but not submersion, like in a tub. Why you'd want to submerge a speaker is beyond me, but I suppose the important distinction is that this unit isn't guaranteed to survive accidental dunks in, say, a tub or pool. It probably can (see some of the user reviews), it's just not rated for that. 

But if you want to play it in the shower, feel free. There's actually a suction cup included for such mounting options.

There's also a loop up top that you can use to attach the speaker to, say, a faucet handle or shower head -- and VicTsing supplies a small carabiner for just that purpose.

The speaker can play for up to six hours (assuming 70-percent volume) on a charge, according to VicTsing. It has a built-in microphone, so you can take calls on it as well. (Whether you want to take them while you're in the shower is entirely up to you.)

Reviews: A 4.3-star average from a whopping 7,600 buyers. Don't expect miracles from a small, 5-watt speaker but -- at this price -- I suspect you'll be happy with this. Already bought one? Hit the comments and let me know what you think!

One last note: Last summer I bought a VicTsing mouse, which has served me well until just this week, when the scroll wheel started to fail. I reached out to VicTsing support, received a prompt reply, and a day later a warranty replacement is on the way. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I just wanted to share a positive customer-service story from a brand most people probably haven't heard of.

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