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This week in Oracle

Business software maker plans to buy G-log, marking its 10th acquisition announcement in nine months.

Business software maker Oracle plans to buy G-Log, a maker of logistics and transportation management software. The deal marks Oracle's 10th acquisition announcement in nine months.

Last week the company announced it will acquire rival Siebel Systems in a megadeal worth $5.8 billion that better positions Oracle against archrival SAP.

The pace of the acquisitions was on the minds of attendees at Oracle OpenWorld, which took place this week in San Francisco. Some customers wondered if the new additions would get in the way of Oracle's focus on customers and technology.

In other conference news, Oracle chief Larry Ellison told reporters he hopes to double his company's revenue over the next few years. Ellison said his game plan is to grow the software giant from a nearly $15 billion company to a $30 billion behemoth over the next few years--and to do so at a pace that maintains a 40 percent operating margin.

He also told customers that engineering rather than deal-making will be Oracle's top priority over the next two years as the company prepares for an increasingly competitive business applications market, reassuring them that the company does not "have any other large acquisitions in mind" after the company's planned takeover of Siebel.