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This week in laptops

This week, the ThinkPad X300 and MacBook Air dominate our minds, though we saved room for the Palm Foleo and some new Apple rumors.

ThinkPad has slimmed down considerably--just in time for the Oscars! CNET Networks

The X300 is here! The X300 is here! The last few days at CNET Laptop HQ have been consumed with Lenovo's latest ThinkPad, which first popped up last week. The verdict? It's the sleekest ThinkPad yet, and quite possibly the perfect balance between portability and usability. Check out our full review on the ThinkPad X300 page and, if you missed it, the photo slide show here on Crave.

Though the ThinkPad X300 is totally my new BFF favorite ultraportable, it's not the only alternative to the MacBook Air, as Dan Ackerman points out. Among his suggestions is the Asus U6S, which we reviewed this week.

If the only thing holding you back from buying an Air is its silver case, you'll be glad to know that custom Mac painter Colorware added the MacBook Air to its lineup this week.

Changing gears: Remember the Foleo, Palm's mercilessly mocked laptop-thing? Well, turns out it was simply an idea before its time, according to CNET's Erica Ogg. Then again, CNET's Tom Krazit disagrees: "If the race to develop The Next Mobile Computer really centers around the Eee PC and its offspring, it won't be because of the Foleo," he writes. I say they settle this disagreement like adults, with a thumb wrestling match. But that's just a suggestion.

Other tidbits this week: A company in the UK plans to launch a $195 laptop for students; Alienware and Gateway updated their models with Penryn; Dell expanded its line of Inspirons running Ubuntu Linux; and Apple filed a patent for a multitouch touch pad that recognizes complex gestures. Checking in with Cravers around the world, we learned that a colleague in Asia found a clever laptop station to keep his desk tidy, while colleagues in the UK rounded up some of their favorite tech for travel.

Have a great weekend!