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This week in laptops

Laptop news for the week of December 10.

We'll spare you the laptop-themed version of The Night Before Christmas and say that little has changed since last week: the pre-Christmas, pre-CES, pre-MacWorld world is a silent world indeed. And, this being the last weekly roundup of 2007 (even tireless tech reporters take a break now and then), we're delivering the week's news in a theme-based lightning round.

Tiny laptops: The XO laptop gives a 9-year-old unexpected powers; CNET blogger Dave Rosenberg offered his thoughts on his brand-new Eee PC; and Eee PC owners can change operating systems, either just-released eeeXubuntu or the painstakingly hacked Windows Vista.

Apple: made a few predictions for MacWorld 2008; AppleInsider claims that metallic MacBooks are on the way; Mac Rumors compiled a roundup of MacBook rumors; and CNET's own Don Reisinger argues against an ultraportable MacBook.

Components: This week Intel held a pre-CES briefing, while AMD snuck the Mobility Radeon HD 2700 into its mobile lineup.

Tablets: Dell and Toshiba get the party started with two releases, the Latitude XT and the Portege M700.

Other news: The Alienware's Area-51 m15x landed in CNET Labs; Dell landed some more European retailers; and hackers landed upon a way to break into HP laptops.

Have a great weekend and a happy holiday season!