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This week in electronic yodelling items

Archie McPhee's Electronic Yodelling Pickle and Remote Control, Hopping, Yodelling Lederhosen are finally here.

Archie McPhee

The wait is (finally) over, as leading electronic-yodelling-item vendor Archie McPhee has just released its next-gen line of yodelware.

McPhee's latest product line targets budget- and high-end yodelling item buyers. Alas, those looking for mid-tier electronic yodelling solutions will have to wait a bit longer.

Here are the major announcements from McPhee, all of which are available immediately for purchase on

Electronic Yodelling Pickle: McPhee's completely wireless entry-level solution, the Electronic Yodelling Pickle provides portable yodelling solutions to the mobile workforce. Though limited in its feature set, the $12.95 Yodelling Pickle boasts a sleek, lightweight frame, and an eye-catching green color scheme. A rarity for yodelware at this price, the unit also comes with batteries.

Archie McPhee

Remote Control, Hopping, Yodelling Lederhosen: A more immersive and interactive virtual yodelling experience, the Remote Control, Hopping, Yodelling Lederhosen uses cutting-edge infrared technology to let the user operate the base unit remotely. In a fashion-forward design touch, the revolutionary input device is shaped like a knockwurst. This is by all means the best option for the visually oriented, due to the animated user interface. The two-piece package is a bit cumbersome for road warriors and the mobile-minded, but it's the best yodelware option we've seen yet for those needing a fixed, at-home solution. At $19.95, the price tag may raise a few eyebrows, especially when you consider that AAA batteries are not included with the unit.

The bottom line: Yet again, McPhee has given the masses what they've been asking for, but little more. Notable omissions are the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity, nonexistent internal storage capacity, and no RF option for the Remote Control, Hopping, Yodelling Lederhosen, which would allow you to control the unit when it's in a closet, closed display case, or behind a wall. Still, the next generation of McPhee yodelware is here, and it's a nice step up from the analog Windup Hopping (non-yodelling) Lederhosen we've had to settle for over the past few months.