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This week in Crave: The uplifted edition

This week, the iPad 2 arrived, a house lifted by weather balloons floated skyward, and a robotic tattoo artist left its mark.

Wi-Fi signals
Invisible Wi-Fi signals made visible. Timo Arnall

This week, the iPad 2 landed--and a real-life "Up" house took flight. Here's some of what went down while we were wondering why life can't always mimic a Pixar movie:

• This could be the next-gen iPhone (or not).

• Dan Ackerman took on his wire box--again.

• Who knew Wi-Fi could be so pretty?

• Let Auto Ink mark you with a randomly selected tat.

• Not sure which MacBook to get? We can help.

• Make your very own Chewbacca sock pocket!

• Shazam for your TV: Hands-on with Gracenote.

• This thing makes us want a neck massage--stat.

• Can Battlefield 3 steal Call of Duty's crown?

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