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This week in Crave: The up-in-Flame edition

This week, we followed the progress of the Olympic Flame through Flickr photos and saw right through a transparent smartphone screen. Also, we surveyed the political leanings of America's Wi-Fi routers.

Too busy watching the Olympic Flame wend through such Britishly named towns as Stoke on Trent and Shrewsbury to keep up with Crave this week? Well, take your eyes off Trowbridge for a moment and catch up on what you missed.

Flickr pics show Brits celebrating the Olympic torch as it makes its way toward London. Screenshots by Edward Moyer/CNET

• Could this little box stop the other Flame?

• Personalized action heroes: It's your turn to save the world!

• Wait, what's Darth Vader doing at the Yalta Conference?

• Bright idea from Gucci: biodegradeable sunglasses.

• Take a look at (or through) this transparent smartphone screen.

• "Little Slide Dress": Lights, camisole, action!

• One thing you probably won't see at ES 2012: Nintendo SmellDS.

• What you will see there, though: Stunning video game art.

• Wondering why they're staring at you? Um, maybe it's the robot on your shoulder.

• If America's Wi-Fi routers could vote, they'd likely reelect President Obama by about 6 percentage points.

• Is Facebook mobile enough for you? Vote in our poll.

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