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This week in Crave: The unprecedented edition

This week, we stockpiled Daleks, frowned at the Blue Screen of Death's new sad-face emoticon, and unboxed "Star Wars: The Complete Saga" for Blu-ray.

Too busy trying to out-collect the new world-record-holding Dalek collector this week to keep up with Crave? Put down those hundreds of evil overlords for a minute and see what you missed.

Rob Hull and his many Daleks
Yeah? And how many Daleks do you have? Guiness World Records

• Windows 8 arrived, along with a new, friendlier Blue Screen of Death.

• "Allergic" to Wi-Fi? Consider a move to West Virginia.

• New for the 21st century: glow-in-the-dark infections!

• PlayStation Vita battery life revealed.

• iPhone 5 demand "unprecedented," survey says.

• Tiny Tiltpod a big help for compact cameras.

• Dyson's new bladeless fan is hot (no, really; it's a space heater).

• "Star Wars: The Complete Saga" for Blu-ray: Here and unboxed.

• Thunderbolt will hit Asus and Acer PCs in 2012.

• Camera knows if you're lying (honest).

• For $2,000, this razor had best give a close shave.

• Control your smartphone with a kick.

• Donald, Eric, and a dancing yellow robot:

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