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This week in Crave: The touchdown dance edition

We realize you might have been busy gathering party supplies for the Super Bowl, but we're a team player, so we've rounded up this week's top Crave stories just for you.

Behind on Crave because you've been busy building a bunker to prepare for the oncoming swarm of flying robots? Well, don't worry, the self-guided bullets will get them, so get comfy on your couch and catch up on the week's top stories here.

• Watch SpaceX test-fire its new engine! Umm...on the ground in Texas.

Rodrigo Alonso's N+ew chairs are created using e-waste and epoxy resin. Rodrigo Alonso

• Valentine's Day is coming up, and this female Android needs some love.

• We wants it, we needs it! Must have the precious "Lord of the Rings" Lego collection.

• Don't throw away your old tech. Turn it into geeky furniture instead.

• By the way, you're not reading this on your smartphone in the bathroom, are you?

• Super Bowl XLVI is this Sunday, but we're doing the touchdown dance for a whole different reason.

• What a bright idea! Cables that light up as you charging a device.

• In light of Google's new privacy policy, Low Latency cartoonist Blake Stevenson creates a Google doodle of his own.

• Do you think Luke Skywalker has a sticker of Darth Vader on his X-Wing?

• CNET's Scott Stein makes the case for doing away with the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

• Poll time: Would you boycott Apple?

• This video is hilarious (warning: language is NSFW or young ones), but seriously, what's a chip butty?

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