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This week in Crave: The supersonic edition

This week Sony's PlayStation people showed off a sexy new portable, Kindle books outpaced paperbacks on Amazon, and NASA tried to keep sonic booms quiet.

This week has been dominated by mobile-gaming news, with Sony, Nintendo, and possibly even RIM now gearing up to win room in your backpack (or frontpack, as the case may be). But other news went down while we were busy comparing the NGP and the 3DS.

• We asked: Are app stores killing point 'n' shoots?

This week was all about the NGP. Sony

• Volkswagen showed off a futuristic all-electric car that makes big promises.

• Finally! Kindle books started outselling paperbacks on Amazon.

• Google offered more Honeycomb details, plus an official new logo.

• Those unlimited data plans for AT&T iPhones are back--kinda. Maybe. Sorta.

• That Facebook phone that doesn't exist exists, except it doesn't.

• Dead Space 2: has 2011 has found its first blockbuster?

concept supersonic cruise vehicle
The quiet supersonic cruise vehicle of the future? Frassanito & Associates

• NASA is working to quiet sonic booms so you can fly supersonic one day.

• Angry Birds may be getting an animated series. Because films based on video games have always done well and been quality entertainment.

• Speaking of the avians, a new hack allows for Angry Birds action via Microsoft's Kinect. Awesome.

• Panasonic got a whole bunch of new cameras with zooms, toughness, and megapixels built right in.

• And Deadhead gamers got a reason to celebrate.

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