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This week in Crave: The supercharged edition

This week, we called batteries sexy, calibrated our HDTVs, and followed the pope on Twitter.

Busy this week pondering which one superhero you'd pick to save the world? Here's what you missed on Crave while you were trying to make a choice no one should ever be asked to make.

Would Sanyo's XX batteries be even sexier if they were XXX? Hard to say. Sanyo

• We touched HP's TouchPad.

• Hey, we never thought we'd use the words "sexy" and "batteries" in the same headline.

• Speaking of sexy, do we really need sexed-up business laptops?

• What, exactly, is HDTV calibration?

• Going to the robo-chapel and we're gonna get married...

• Judge tells teen to hand over his Xbox.

• Tweet Jesus! Looks who's on Twitter now.

• Answers to Civil War sub mysteries moving closer to the surface.

• Poor Showa Hanako 2 has to spend her life in a dentist's chair.

• Happy fourth birthday, iPhone.

• But if true, this iPhone story is nothing to celebrate.

Speaking of celebrating, have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July weekend. And don't forget to send us a postcard at crave at cnet dot com.