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This week in Crave: The spaced-out edition

When we weren't getting around this week via a personal multicopter or motorcycle fitted with spacecraft parts, we were monitoring a superhero/villain showdown and feeling bummed about our Nook Tablet.

Too busy getting airborne in your wacky personal multicopter this week to keep up with Crave? Drift back down to Earth for a moment and catch up on the stories you missed.

Personal transport vehicle of the future? Click on the image for more shots of the wacky Volocopter. E-volo

• Who knew censored Google Earth pix could look so artsy-cool?

• Out of this world! A motorcycle with spacecraft propulsion parts.

• Speaking of space, look skyward tonight for a super perigee moon!

• Eric Mack is not living happily ever after with his Nook Tablet.

• Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer hints at bold new future.

• What's the deal with that guy in the weird helmet camera thingie?

• Low Latency does not take kindly to the idea of cable or satellite TV subscriptions for Hulu.

• Last stop on our Nerdy New Mexico tour: Spaceport America.

• Seattle gets its very own superhero/villain showdown!

• It's not too late to win a 42-inch Vizio 3D TV in this week's giveaway.

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