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This week in Crave: The shrink-wrapped edition

Too busy protesting SOPA and PIPA to keep up with this week's stories on Crave? We got your back. Here's what you need to know.

The Internet was up in arms this week protesting SOPA, PIPA, and the sudden takedown of Megaupload. At times, things got downright nuclear, so we can understand if you missed out on some Crave-y goodness. That's why we've rounded up a few highlights for you to enjoy this weekend.

• Some couples commemorate their love with romantic getaways and nice dinners; other couples get shrink-wrapped and pose for pictures.

Is this the look of love? Photographer Hal

• If vacuum-sealed humans isn't your idea of art, perhaps you'll find more beauty in these X-ray images.

• A wary Rich Brown goes hands on with the new Alienware X51 gaming desktop.

• Ding dong. "Who's there?" "The future."

• Take a bite out of the Dark Side (or maybe you'll "Like" this better).

• iBooks 2 is out, but digital textbooks in the classroom? Devil's in the details.

• OLED technology could lead to transparent car roofs.

• In other transportation news, well, this is just awkward.

• Congrats to Razer for winning the CES 2012 People's Voice Award, but seriously, Project Fiona is real, right?

• Designers Shaocheng Huang and Yuyin Huang have a really cool idea for a phone, but might we suggest a different name?

• Are you with or against Woz on this Android debate?

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