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This week in Crave: The robo-soldier edition

Grab your morning coffee and get the weekend started off right with a jolt of this week's top stories from Crave.

Tuesday was Zelda Day, so we understand if you spent most of the week celebrating the 26th anniversary of this storied franchise. Rising out of the fog of a Zelda hangover can be tough, but we're here to ease the pain with a dose of this week's top stories from Crave.

• Want to travel to space? Japan wants to take you an elevator.

Next stop: space! Obayashi

• Maybe Mattel should call up this guy to figure out how to make its "Back to the Future" hoverboard actually, you know, hover.

• First, fear-inducing robo-dogs, and now, robot soldiers. To quote Crave commenter Instigator-Jones, "DARPA - you so crazy!"

• Buzz kill: It would take 800,000 years and $8,100,000,000,000,000 to build a real-life Death Star.

• On a happier note, here's a video of a Lego Millennium Falcon coming to life.

• "Torn Lives" is like a PostSecret for snapshot fans, letting you fill in the blanks of torn photos.

• CNET editor Scott Stein thinks the next PlayStation Vita can, and should, be a phone.

• What's the best portable gaming system? Jeff Bakalar breaks it down for you, nice and easy, right here.

• Speaking of gaming, do handheld systems need buttons?

• The best piece of tech Eric Mack ever bought cost $20 and is the gadget equivalent of a UFC champion. What is it?

• Before you go, take our poll: Will Obama's Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights make a difference in online privacy issues?

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