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This week in Crave: The Rapture edition

The world was supposed to end today. But no one should go into the hereafter without first catching up on Crave.

It's a gorgeous day in the Bay Area, with perfect weather for the end of the world--unless, of course, you believe that fire and brimstone and thunderbolts come with the Rapture.

But though things didn't seem to go pear-shaped today, we hope that before you made your pre-apocalypse mission to loot the nearest Apple store, you checked out what you missed on Crave this week. That way, you at least made an informed grab. If not, well, here's your chance to get up to speed. It looks like we're all still here. But you never know--maybe the alarm on the Creator's Jesus phone was simply off by a day or two.

• Speaking of religion and Apple stores, scientists say Apple is spirituality for your brain. Meanwhile, Apple stores turn 10.

• We rolled out a new Crave in Comments feature.

• The Motorola Droid X2 makes its official debut.

• Learn to play guitar on your iPad, and protect your Android on public Wi-Fi.

• The entire Playboy archive goes online.

• Amazon's Kindle e-book outsells all print books; the retailer also wants your used gadgets.

• Microsoft offers students who buy a PC a free Xbox 360.

• Pee on the fly to keep that urinal clean.

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