This week in Crave: The profitable edition

This week, we panned for gold in a laboratory, rode a horse made of keyboard keys, and marveled at the value of a multimillion dollar meme.

Too busy tweeting back and forth with Big Bird this week to keep up with Crave? Snuggle up with us under a Pac-Man blanket and we'll catch you up on what you missed.

Click-clack: It's a horse made from old keyboard keys. Babis Panagiotidis

- There's 24-karat gold in them thar labs! And, apparently, in the "Gangnam Style" meme. But will Psy accept payment in "Star Wars" coins?

- This is one Trojan horse you definitely won't want to get rid of.

- Give us a big squeeze, Like-A-Hug vest!

- Not one single "oops" tweeted during surgery that unfolded live on Twitter.

- Giant mechanical hand smashes cop cars (for art's sake).

- The iPhone 5 -- now with a physical map!

- Have a look through this see-through Prius.

- In the bag: We take a tour of Timbuk2's San Fran factory.

- Practice saying "full impulse power" to your starship navigators! A "Star Trek" fusion engine's in the works.

- And speaking of space, scientists want to float a boat on Saturn moon Titan.

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