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This week in Crave: The on-the-run edition

This week, we were captivated by lifelike mannequins, a robot that aims to run like a human, and an adorable young "Star Wars" fan.

Katie Goldman
Katie, you had us at the Princess Leia hat. Courtesy of Carrie Goldman

This week, we brought you one of our favorite Crave stories ever, about Katie Goldman, a ridiculously adorable first-grader who was teased at school for being a girl "Star Wars" fan. Her story made it online, leading to an avalanche of support from the public, including cast members of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." Sometimes we really love the Interwebs, and we definitely love Katie.

Katie, if you ever want a job as Crave's Star Wars correspondent, you've got it!

Other stories we had our eyes on this week:

• WoW: Cataclysm is so not a disaster.

• Find the right streaming-media device.

• "Jeopardy" showdown: Big Brains vs. Big Iron.

Run, robot, run like the wind. Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

• CNET Labs names its 2010 all-stars.

• A running robot that isn't quite ready for the Olympics.

• Diary of a cable cord cutter from start to finish.

• This iPod dock goes back to nature.

• Your phone is now a Chumby.

• Time names Alan Wake game of the year. Discuss.

• Lifelike military mannequins are no dummies.

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