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This week in Crave: The memorial edition

This week, we celebrated Steve Jobs' contributions to the gadget world and revved up for a big Gran Turismo 5 update.

News of Steve Jobs' passing made this week a sad one indeed. It also gave us a chance to reflect on how Jobs impacted design, entrepreneurship, and the film industry, and ponder his most revolutionary Apple products. Everyone from everyday gadget consumers to tech industry bigwigs, politicians, athletes, and actors appeared to welcome the opportunity to publicly express their sentiments about Jobs and his influence.

News of Jobs' death came a day after another big day of Apple news that brought the iPhone 4S but not the iPhone 5 (though Dan Ackerman thinks the iPhone 4S is the iPhone 5).

Speaking of the iPhone, "Mommy, where do iPhone rumors come from?"

In other news...

• Toshiba's ultrathin AT700 tablet wowed Ceatec crowds. (See lots more from Ceatec in our photo gallery.)

• Joby's new tripods attach to cameras--and stay there.

• Toto's Toilet Bike Neo is pretty much what it sounds like.

• Gran Turismo 5's on track for a major update.

• Guess what the top U.S. cities for gamers are.

• Now playing on Blu-ray: "Pulp Fiction."

• And now playing below: this week's podcast featuring Donald, Eric, and special guest Rafe Needleman.

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