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This week in Crave: The mad-talented edition

We know the hectic holiday season can eat up your free time, so we've rounded up this week's hottest Crave stories in one handy post. You're welcome.

Too busy trying to beat your pet lizard at a game of Ant Crusher to keep up with Crave? Well, put your game on pause and grab a seat, because here are this week's hottest stories.

• Have you met Mrs. Violence? Don't say girls can't play games.

You don't want to mess with Mrs. Violence. Jonathan Heier

• This year's 10 best games. Period.

• So, just how hot is police-grade pepper spray, anyway? (Hint: a heck of a lot hotter than a jalapeno.)

• Pop that collar and get rambunctious in some '80s Apple fashion.

• Or perhaps you're interested in fashion that's a little more revealing?

• These laptops keep going and going and going.

• The Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon is finally here, but no need to pay full price.

• Love cartoons? Love Crave? Then you're going to love this.

• These five routers will hook you up.

• Finally, your chance to be Aquaman!

• Our Crave readers got some mad talent (but we already knew that).

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Christmas time in Cardiff, Wales: One of many great Instagram shots sent in by our talented readers. Instagram user mrluke