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This week in Crave: The mad scientist edition

Too busy doing lab experiments to read Crave this week? You missed out on synthetic cells, sarcasm, and tweeting cows. If only those were all part of the same experiment.

Many of us were fixated on the announcement of Google TV this week, and had questions about what it will do to our living rooms. We managed to tear ourselves away from the small screen to follow a few other developments on Crave, however.

• U.S. scientists announced the creation of the first synthetic cell. Some people think they're playing god.

A bunch of grapes? Nope. A bunch of synthetic cells called M. mycoides JCVI-syn1.0. J. Craig Venter Institute

• The Crave video podcast returned with a vengeance, ably hosted by the dynamic duo of Donald Bell and Jasmine France. Be sure to catch new episodes every Tuesday!

• Apple got spurned by "Sex and the City" and decided to accept cash for iPads.

• While considering killer iPad apps, we rounded up the latest Netbooks.

• Manufacturers in China and Japan rolled out some laughably cute ecocars.

• Israeli researchers said they could detect sarcasm in online communication. Uh-huh. Right!

• Twitter got its first official iPhone app. Will you be tweeting from your iPhone?

• David Carnoy updated his list of the top 40 films not out on Blu-ray.

• And finally, we chewed our cud over the popularity of Twitter, which is now hosting tweets by Canadian cows.

See anything we missed? Send all those laboratory-fresh story tips--including your latest DIY creations--to crave at cnet dot com.