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This week in Crave: The lost-and-found edition

This week brought Nintendo 3DS details, annoyance over Apple's tamper-resistant screws, a U.K. ban on sidewalking Segways, and a Teen Wolf.

Too busy wondering why a dude would dress up in a Teen Wolf costume and walk his dog around a field on a gas-powered skateboard? Here's some of what you missed while you were contemplating the existence of Seattle's very own canine-walking Teen Wolf guy.

MIA no more: This missing Android mascot was found in Kentucky. Cricket Wireless

• Apple's switch to tamper-resistant screws has some people feeling screwed over. Are you one of them?

• The official scoop on Nintendo's 3DS. And a possible 3Disconnect?

• New no-no: Segways on U.K. sidewalks.

• We tuned in to the TiVo Premiere iPad app.

• Stop worrying! That missing Android costume has been found.

• David Katzmaier didn't buy a Kindle. Here's why.

• Motoblur blurred the Motorola Xoom.

• This solar light bulb holds up in winter.

• And what would a week be without iPad 2 rumors? And iPod Touch rumors? And iPhone 5 rumors? Oh, and PSP 2 rumors?

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