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This week in Crave: The in-'Jeopardy' edition

This week, Sony got tough on PlayStation 3 hackers, Japan got tough on body odor, and Watson got tough on all of us.

Katie vs. Watson
Crave contributor Katie Linendoll went up against Watson. OK, maybe all is not lost. Deana Hawk

Too busy watching Watson kick humanity's arse this week to keep up with all things Crave? Here's some of what you missed while you were asking, "What is a robobrain and why is it smarter than us?"

• The Motorola Xoom got a price tag.

• Sony stopped playing games with PS3 hackers.

• Why Apple doesn't need an iPad 2.

• Should Nintendo take sides with iOS?

• Japan's smart toilets might bowl you over.

• Then there are these Japanese anti-stink shirts.

• Want a telepresence bot? Make your own for $500.

• Optimus Prime got a parking ticket.

• Results are in for the great $500 laptop challenge.

• An insider's tips for using an external flash.

• Infinite fun for magnet geeks, plus more toys, toys, toys...

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