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This week in Crave: The huggable edition

This week, we wrapped our arms around a son who got creative with tech after his mom suffered a stroke. Then we ran, fast, from a robot that can hustle uphill.

Hug jacket
C'mon, give us a hug! Hill & Aubrey

We'd totally understand if you were too busy hiding from robot mules and cyborg cockroaches this week to keep up with Crave. We're pretty sure the coast is clear now, though, so please come out and catch up on what you missed.

- Give us a squeeze, Hug Me Coat.

- Awesome geek son hacks Kinect to help mom e-mail poststroke.

- Season or no season, NHL 13 gives hockey fans what they want.

- NBA Baller Beats sounds fun -- if you're not a glass fixture.

- To sleep, perchance to dream -- and have those dreams turned into music.

- May the Force be with your suitcase.

- Things we learned from this week's iPhone 5 reveal: untucked shirts might be the new hoodies, and good job, leaks!

- Guess which state you'll probably pay more for an iPhone 5 in?

- We don't have a definitive Wii U launch list yet, but we have this.

- Turn left at the transistor: Radio looks just like London tube map.

Got a story idea? Or a hug? Write to us at crave at cnet dot com, and be sure to follow us on Twitter: @crave.