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This week in Crave: The high-speed edition

This week, humans got hit by a Thunderbolt, while humanoid robots had a big week in space and on earth.

This week, we got hit by a Thunderbolt, which instantly electrified the part of our brain that comes up with storm-related metaphors. Strap yourselves in, readers. It's the lightning-fast Crave week in review!

Thunderbolt promises, um, lightning-fast speeds. James Martin/CNET

• We got our hands on the new MacBook Pros featuring Intel's said high-speed data transfer tech.

• Robonaut 2 finally made it into space...

•...while here on earth, its fellow humanoids ran a marathon.

• Does the Xoom live up to the hype? We dove in.

• Secret CIA spy gadgets uncovered!

• Need a new ear? Grow one on your 3D printer.

• A test: Netflix streaming on the iPad via Verizon iPhone 4.

• Can anything this year best the 2008 Pioneer Kuro?

• Kindle ad suggests the paper book is dead.

• Gears of War 3 got a global landing date.

• The iPad 2 event's just around the corner. And you know what that means...rumors!

Got a rumor for us, iPad 2-related or otherwise? We like facts too, of course. Send them to us at crave at cnet dot com.