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This week in Crave: The green-light edition

This week, we tried on the latest in semi-ironic pants-optional loungewear and drove the whole way without hitting a single red light. And we thought a whole lot about Steve Jobs.

This week, news of Steve Jobs' resignation from his post as Apple CEO had us pondering the reach of the man and the products he's had such a profound hand in shaping. You're in our thoughts, Steve!



• How sharp is Razer's new Blade laptop?

• Android's coming to the TouchPad, but not without hitting some speed bumps.

• Cameras, cameras, and more cameras.

• Here comes the bride--and her iPad bridesmaid.

• Two views on Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

• Green lights the whole way? We're in.

• "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Former Shuttle Facilities"--and other ideas for NASA-insired sci-fi.

• For Sony, it's all in a name.

• These self-inflating bike tires have us pumped.

• In case you missed the latest installment of Donald and Eric's podcast hilarity:

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