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This week in Crave: The gift-wrapped edition

This week, we wrapped our presents in photographs, sent tweets via snail mail, and took the PlayStation Vita (and a new robotic ball) for a spin.

We'd understand if holiday shopping kept you too busy for Crave-ing this week, and that's why we have a gift of our own for you: links to some of the week's top stories, all wrapped up and ready to be ogled!

• Star Wars: The Old Republic landed in our galaxy.

• Speaking of highly anticipated games...

DIY wrapping paper
Click on the image for more on making your own photographic wrapping paper. Photojojo

• Batteries powered by paper? That's not (pulp) fiction anymore.

• Sphero the new robotic ball: stupid or clever?

• Hands on with the PS Vita (Jeff's got a gripe).

• The intro to the '60s Batman show as nature intended it: in Lego form!

• Self-healing circuits don't need human help.

• Latest Gresso phone costs $50,000, isn't even a smartphone.

• Turn your Netbook into a telepresence robot.

• And the most-watched YouTube video of 2011 was...

• Tweeting via postcard could be good news for USPS.

• And this week's podcast will definitely be good news for you:

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Got a holiday gift for us (or just a comment, question, or story idea?). Write to us at crave at cnet dot com. And be sure to follow us on Twitter: @crave.