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This week in Crave: The geek chic edition

This week, a computer may have caught us faking a smile, but excavating our childhood "Star Trek" memorabilia and finding a way to experience the Samsung Galaxy S III on an S II gave us lots to be happy about.

Too busy planning for Geek Pride Day to keep up with Crave this week? Well, take your eyes off the circuit boards and computer code on your Geek Sneaks for a moment and catch up on what you missed.

Mego playset
Click on the image to see more "Star Trek" memorabilia from Crave writer Amanda Kooser's treasured collection. Amanda Kooser/CNET

• Can't make it to Dubai to snag a Galaxy S III? Get the S III experience on your S II right now.

• Put all the big iPhone 5 rumors together and here's what you get.

• New Android home screen is a real Chameleon.

• Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 together at last.

• Sonos goes upscale with striking subwoofer.

• Are you faking that smile? MIT system can tell.

• Awww. We love a good horticulture-geek proposal.

• Tweeting protest robot is like a giant ink-jet printer -- only more political.

• Stars shine in "History of Space Photography."

• Rock out '80s style with a Commodore 64 bass guitar. (Or just play a building like it's an instrument.)

• Buy the Sony HX9V or wait for the HX30V? CNET Senior Digital Editing Editor Joshua Goldman has advice.

• Latest next-gen-console rumor: Xbox 720 in 2013, PlayStation 4 in 2014.

Got a rumor (or anything else) you want to tell us? Write to us at crave at cnet dot com. And be sure to follow us on Twitter: @crave.