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This week in Crave: The galloping edition

This week, we dropped an iPhone from an airplane going 150 mph, a little horse got a big boost from technology, and Jules Verne got steampunked.

Too busy dropping your iPhone from an airplane this week to keep up with Crave? Here's what you missed while you were hoping the device survived its 1,000-foot fall.

• We went back east to CTIA.

Midnite the mini horse shows off his new leg. Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

• The Xbox 360 went back to the '70s.

• The Nook Color's about to get an Android app store.

• Samsung's Series 9 is here. So are our first impressions.

• A horse got a prosthetic leg; we got farklempt.

• Two photos + $75 = your own mini-me.

• What Nintendo's 3DS needs to do to outgame Apple.

• The latest rage in Sweden: Turbo Grannies!

• Imagining Jules Verne, steampunk style.

• Hey, 2-year-old iPad master, you're hired!

• We asked the big questions--with the help of robotic algorithms.

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