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This week in Crave: The fueled-by-butter edition

Didn't have time to stay up on everything Crave this week? Never fear, we did. Here are some of the top stories we covered this week.

Out enjoying the summer? Here's a sampling of the news you missed while you were lying on the beach. Or (in the case of my CNET colleagues in perpetually cold and foggy San Francisco) daydreaming about lying on the beach.

• Apple updated its iMac lineup and introduced the Magic Trackpad, which rekindled our speculation about the demise of the mouse.

• Speaking of kindling, Amazon released a next-generation Kindle that's lighter and smaller, with Wi-Fi and 3G options.

Churning the old-timey fuel of tomorrow. Colonial Williamsburg Official History Site

• In the future, machines could be powered by, um, human urine and rancid butter.

• When do the rest of us get to try smart earplugs used by special-ops forces?

• You've penned your memoir. Here's how to publish it as an e-book.

• Camcorders want in on the 3D action, too.

• Dan Ackerman almost got scammed on eBay: A cautionary tale.

• How long have you been waiting for Starcraft II?

• You probably wouldn't want to run into Australia's "ninja mums" in a dark alley.

• The weekly Crave podcast tackled Apple, robots, and super-cool 3D street art.

See anything we missed? Send all those sizzling story tips--including your latest DIY creations--to crave at cnet dot com.