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This week in Crave: The flying-high edition

This week, we attempted liftoff in the Hoverbike, got caught lying to an ATM, and whiffed the possibilities of TVs with Smell-O-Vision.

Too busy trying to correct your iPhone's auto-correct this week to keep up with Crave? Here's what you missed while you were teaching your phone that no, those aren't "stork clouds" in the sky.

Don't feel like driving to work? Chris Malloy

• Take to the skies--in a flying motorcycle.

• Don't try lying to this ATM.

• Here's why receivers shouldn't be media streamers.

• Pogoplug Video had a hot week (but not in a good way).

• Compute like it's 1899.

• The Dead Computer Room: Where old PCs stay alive.

• Would you buy an iPhone 5 without 4G?

• With the PlayStation Vita here, is the 3DS in trouble?

• Playing in your living room one day: scent of a television?

• Nifty mechanical X Fingers give prosthetics users a hand.

• If your dad's a Jedi wannabe, this could be just the Father's Day gift for him.

Got any other great last-minute Father's Day gift ideas? Let us know in the comments. Or write to us at crave at cnet dot com.