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This Week in Crave: The Fired-up edition

This week, we sat by the Fire, hugged an iTree, and ran in terror from a robotic beast.

Too hot and bothered by the Kindle Fire this week to keep up with the rest of Crave goings-on? Here's what you missed while you were getting all Fired up about Amazon's new tablet (OK, that's the last Fire pun you'll see in this post).

Lebron takes it to the cup! 2K Sports

• NBA 2K12 for iOS? It's a slam dunk.

• But what about NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3? Scott gives it another toss.

• Bose gets into the sound bar business.

• Meet AlphaDog... and then run the other way!

• Will Apple kill the iPod? Here's why it might be time.

• Bendable Samsung Galaxy Skin merely a concept. Darn.

• Mamma mia! Look who's getting a dance game.

• Everest Webcam takes live streaming to new heights.

• Gibson's new Firebird X could be the geekiest guitar ever.

• iTree: An iPhone sound system for tree huggers.

• May the floppy drive be with you.

• Donald and Eric feel grateful for Japan:

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