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This week in Crave: The 'Eye, Robot' edition

This week, a robot swam around in our eyes, we took a tour of a creepily cool Tron-style home, and Tiny Wings kept flying high.

microrobot in eye
This microrobot might make it into your eye one day. IRIS

Too busy relocating to your new Tron home to keep up with Crave this week? Here's what you missed while you were trading in your comfy couches for stone-cold furniture only an isomorphic algorithm could love.

• If contact lenses make you nervous, you sure ain't going to like the eye-swimming microbot.

• Microsoft's Dr. Kinect scrubbed in.

• Will Tiny Wings outfly Angry Birds?

• Android tablet smack-down!

• From iPad 1 to iPad 2: How to transfer your data.

• But, as Kent reminds us, there are iPad alternatives.

• Component video is MIA on some 2011 Blu-ray players. Here's why.

• We don't have Batman: Arkham City yet, but at least we have the trailer.

• Convert your Honda Civic to an all-electric--for a steep fee.

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