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This week in Crave: The extreme fail edition

We watched London picking up the pieces, stock markets oscillate wildly, and a hypersonic military plane disappear over the Pacific.

There goes a $320 million project. DARPA

Too busy watching the sky falling to keep up with Crave? Here's what you missed while Britain dealt with the aftermath of riots and stock markets ended an extremely tumultuous week.

• DARPA loses another experimental hypersonic plane, the Falcon HTV-2, over the Pacific.

• Android tablets grab 20 percent of the market from iPad, while the robot trounces iOS and Symbian in Q2.

• Will electronic "tattoos" monitor your health?

• Cats in animal shelters get Webcams and robotic toys.

• Looking for a budget-friendly smartphone? Here's our roundup.

• Protect your iPad with a piece of Bernie Madoff's pants.

• $100 of free classic books for Nook buyers.

• Forget the iPhone 5--China has the HiPhone 5.

• Prepare to beam down to a Star Trek resort on the Red Sea.

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