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This week in Crave: The caped edition

This week, we rode a gravity-defying skateboard, got in touch with our inner Joker, and appreciated having a cell phone bill below $200,000.

The Caped Crusader snarls at fans as they line up in L.A. to own Batman: Arkham City. John Scott Lewinski/CNET

Too busy going Gotham this week to keep up with Crave? Here's what you missed while you were suiting up to visit Batman: Arkham City.

• Canon's EOS-1D X = EOS-1D Mark IV + EOS-1Ds Mark III in a single full-frame, fast-shooting model.

• Think you have high phone bills? This $201,000 phone tab will put them in perspective fast.

• Wait, eight years between Xboxes?

• PlayStation games hit Sony Tablet S.

• You have never looked this creepy.

• The 11-inch ultraportables we like best so far this year.

• Siri is spilling your nickname, "Schnookums."

• Take a spin on a gravity-defying skateboard.

• Who knew "1989" was near the 10-trillionth digit in the value of pi? No one, until now.

• Who doesn't love a good geek wedding?

• And who doesn't love Eric and Donald in the Crave weekly podcast?

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